Burger Point Game

The game ‘Burger Point' is a key to improve the memory skills of the player. You are working in a burger shop where you are given the order sheet and all the ingredients needed to meet the order. The main menu has three options- Play, instructions and story. Clicking the ‘story' button shows the overview of the game. Instructions will be displayed when you click the relevant button. Read carefully the instructions as they will make the game easy for you.

Upon clicking the ‘play' button, you will be provided a tutorial that gives a demo order sheet and shows you how to mix things up. After that the game starts. The order sheet is displayed in front of the screen. It tells you what all items must be added to meet the order. You may have to mix buns, onions, tomatoes, cheese, potatoes, lettuce, carrots, sauce, turkey, hams, steak and eggs to make the item. They all are displayed on the right side of the table and a mixing board is shown on the left side. Click and drag any item to place it in the mixing board.

First place the bun in the board and then the items mentioned in the order one-by-one inside the bun. Make sure you follow the same sequence in adding the items as they are shown in the order sheet. Upon finishing the mixing, you will be informed whether you have picked up the right things in making the burger. If green tick appears on the burger, the burger is correctly prepared. Red cross-mark suggests that the mixing was not right. If you have mixed wrong ingredients, you have to start again from scratch.

Each level gives you one order sheet to attend. If you successfully made the item in the order, you will be directed to next level. If not, new order sheet will be displayed containing the same number of ingredients as the previous one. But remember, time is a vital element and you have to prepare the right item before the time available in the level expires. As levels pass by, the number of ingredients increases making it difficult for you to play. Complete all levels to finish the game. The opportunity to submit the score online makes the game more interesting and competitive.

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