Burger Game

‘Burger game' can be said to be a tutorial for the players to cook delicious and tasty burger which is big in size and contents. The game is developed solely for giving the people a chance to get an experience in making burgers and providing information about the ingredients required. Play the game repeatedly to become a master in burgers. Prepare them yourself at home and serve to the guests and friends to impress them. You don't have to be worried about the time or the points, so you can play it comfortably and with relaxed mind.

When starting the game, you will see a plate on a table and a cupboard whose door has been closed. Click the door to open and select the ingredient displayed in the cupboard. Click an item to pick it up and click on the plate to add the ingredient onto it. The first item to select is the type of bun to be used. Then, the colour of the cupboard changes and also the ingredient inside it. Select the type of lettuce leaves of your choice and add it to the top of the bun. In this way, you can select different types of toppings such as cucumbers, tomatoes, meat patties, cheeses, onions and finally the bun to finish the burger. The final option is to select different types of extras. Click the ‘French fry' icon to add fries to the plate in which burger is kept and click again to select the type of fries needed. In this way, you can select different flavors of cool drinks, change the design and colour of plate, change the background and the table. When you are done, click the ‘finish' button to preview the completed burger and other items.

Clicking on ‘Play again' button give you a chance to select and mix another set of ingredients. ‘More games' option provides you access to a number of games offered by the website. With the use of simple gameplay, the players find it very easy to follow up each step of burger preparation and the game is handy and useful as a reference in cooking burgers. Try it for yourself!

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