Burger Bonanza

‘Burger Bonanza\' is a food stall run by you in the heart of the city. Obviously, you have to satisfy your customers and offer an outstanding service to compete against your opponents. You must be quick in moving your mouse cursor to the right spot and clicking on items to stay longer in the game. Click on play button to start the game but before you enter the first level, certain instructions are provided for you to get a basic idea of the game.

After you finished reading the instructions, click on ‘Skip button\' and you will be directed to the first level. You will see all the ingredients for meeting customer requirements such as buns, meat patties, tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, ketchup, etc. placed on the table at various positions. Customer stands aside your table and makes an order. The constituents he need are displayed in a dialogue box above him. You have to select all the items with a click of your mouse. Click the bun first and then the ingredients one by one in the same order as they are shown in the box. After you have successfully mixed all the items, click on ‘Wrap\' button to pack the item well. Then click the customer to deliver the order. He will pay cash immediately on delivering the right food item, else he will not accept. If you have made a wrong one, you can put that in the trash at any point of time and start fresh.

To succeed a level, you have to earn as much money set as target within the time given to you in the level. Though the game appears to be easy at initial levels, the number of customers rises with the progress in levels making it difficult for you to play further. You can find a patience bar near the customer which goes on reducing with time. When the bar becomes empty, the customer will leave your shop. You are given five lives in total for the entire game and one life gets reduced if you lose one customer. Losing all lives and the game is finished. Try to complete levels as possible and earn more points. Submit your score online and show the world that you are the best!

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