The game ‘Breadtos\' brings you an opportunity to learn the different varieties of food items that can be prepared with the common people\'s food – bread. You can prepare it all with the help of mouse click. The game takes you to small bread shop in the midst of a village surrounded by tall green trees. The simplicity of the game in its design and gameplay will attract people at the very first glance itself especially children. The game provides an extensive tutorial where you can learn the controls and is very helpful for those playing for the first time.

The customers of your shop are children who place orders for bread of their choice. Each order differ each other in terms of the type of bread and the variety of ingredients. The children stand and order in front of the serving counter and their order is displayed in a box above their head. Carefully watch the order and start preparing the item in the order. You can find various ingredients in front of you well placed in bowls. There are three types of bread and click the right bread to place it first in the mixing board. Then click on any item other than bread to add it inside the bread. Be cautious as you need to pick up the right ingredients as shown in the order. You can always throw away the wrong mix by clicking the bin on the bottom-right side. Click the ‘Wrap\' button to wrap up the entire mix. You can see what you have mixed so far in the small box on the bottom-left side of the screen and match the items shown there with the order. After preparing the food, serve it to the customer by clicking the plate in front of him. He will place money in the place when you deliver the food and click it to collect cash.

As the reputation of your shop improves with days passing by, more and more children come to your shop. They wait for only a while, so you have to be speedy in meeting their order. If you let a customer away, one star will be reduced from the five given to you and losing all five means the game comes to an end. The game also terminates if you fail to earn the target money for each day. So collect money as much as you can within the time available for the day and reach the goal. As you can submit your score online, play hard to exhibit your score on the top.

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