Big Bobs Burger

As the name itself hints of the type of people the game aims at, ‘Big Bobs Burger Joint\' is a fast food shop where you are required to fulfill the orders within the time given. All the ingredients required for making burgers, fries, drinks, etc. are given and you have to choose each and every item with the help of mouse clicks. The game provides an idea of making burgers using the right ingredients and the use of simple graphics and good background music makes it an amazing experience altogether. If you are a beginner, just click the ‘training\' button in the main menu to know the game in detail with the built-in instructions that appears one-by-one and try your hand in preparing the items at the same time.

After finishing the training, you are ready to start the game. The cooking area in front of you has three rows. The first and topmost row contains the serving tray, drink vending machine and ice-cream vending machine. Second one has buns, recipe book, wrappers, cartons, glasses and different types of toppings. Third comprises of fryer, fry station, fry scoop, different ingredients, chicken station and grill. And the cupboard on bottom contains trash bin, fries, burgers and frozen chicken. The order ticket can be found at the top-left side of the screen and clock at the top-center.

The order ticket displays the items to be made that could be a drink, an item in recipe book and fries. Click any item to pick it up. To make drink, first pick the glass and place it in the vending machine under the right flavor. In the same way, you can fill ice-cream also. Be careful with the size of the glass to be picked up as the customer may ask for small or big cup.

Recipe book contains three items at the beginning and the number increases with the progress in game. Baby Bob is prepared by adding small bun, small burger, cheese, ketchup, mustard and pickles inside a small wrapper. Replace it with big wrapper, big bun and big burger and add some onions to make a Big Bob. Mix small bun, chicken, mayo and lettuce inside a chicken wrapper to make Baby Chick. The burger needs to be baked before it can be added to burger and use spatula for picking up cooked burger.

The customer may ask for big or small carton of fries which are kept near the glasses. One basket of fries fills up the small carton whereas two will fill up the big carton. The first step in preparing the fries is to pick frozen fries from the cupboard and place them in a fryer. Then drop the fryer down and wait till they are cooked. After cooking has been finished, dry them inside frying station and take them in the carton using fry scoop.

After the items mentioned in the order gets finished, place them one by one in the tray. On placing each item, the item name in the order list will have a red strike through it showing they are finished. When all the demanded items are placed in the tray, the customer pays cash for it along with tips depending on his satisfaction level. The satisfaction level can be ascertained with the number of stars in the order ticket. You have to serve the order as early as possible before the stars reduce in number to get a good tip. If all the stars disappear, the customer will leave the shop.

A goal is set for each day in cash and you have to reach the goal before the time runs out to effectively complete the day. Survive all the days to successfully finish the game. Best of Luck!

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