Best Burger Game

For those who love burgers, this is the game for you. You may have wondered how the tasty burgers are prepared and what all ingredients are needed. Well, this game teaches you to prepare burgers showing all its ingredients as well as the way they are added to the burger. You have to just use the mouse to mix all ingredients and bake items. When you click on ‘Training\' option in the main menu, it will show important information on how to play the game with details regarding the controls and objective.

The objective of the game is to prepare and serve tasty burgers as they are ordered by the customer keeping the customer satisfaction to the maximum. The front counter of your shop is displayed at first where your customers stand and order for items. The customer order is shown in a box and you will see a serving tray placed on the table. Your shop has a fry station and a drink station too and you can toggle in between the portions by using left and right arrow keys or by clicking the arrows on both sides of the screen. Cook burgers in the grill by clicking the burger first and then the grill. Wait some moments until is fried up. Click again to pick it up and drop it where it has to be. In the same way, cook chicken patties, chicken strips and French fries in the deep fryer and serve it in the paper boats before they are placed on tray. The deep fryer has a timer attached to it which alerts you when the frying has been finished.

Build sandwiches in the drink station by selecting the right type of wrappers and placing the right ingredients, shown in the order, inside the buns. Every item is displayed in front of you and click and drop to place them in the burger or sandwich. Click the green tick to wrap it up when finished and click the sandwich to pick up and drop it in the tray. The vending machine at the drink station will fill the glass with various flavors of drinks. Just click the glass and the machine to do so and place it in the tray.

Now you are ready to serve. Click the green check to serve the food items to the customer. He will let you know that whether you have served the right things and will pay cash accordingly. You have to earn that much cash set as the target for the day to keep going. The order ticket shows the customer\'s satisfaction level represented by stars. Don\'t make all the stars disappear else the customer will become mad and leave your shop. If you made five customers to leave, the game is over. So try to keep up with the time and satisfy the buyers. Happy customers mean more cash and growth of business.

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