Best BBQ Challenge

This game takes you to a barbeque restaurant where you are the only one in charge of making tasty and delicious barbeques of various types. Use the mouse to manage all the barbeques. The ‘how to play\' button in the main menu guides you through the entire gameplay making a beginner to become a pro. The game with its simplicity and well-designed interface make it an interesting one to play.

The game starts with a baking grill provided to you. You will also see a bottle of Lipton ice tea on the right side to keep you cool. The mouse pointer turns to a spatula and you can move it anywhere on the screen. The objective of the game is simple – to cook the barbeques as long as possible. The gourmets will appear one after another automatically on the grill and a time gauge will be shown on top of each of them which indicate the cooking level of the item. The line on the gauge indicates the right baking point and you have to flip the gourmet at that time by clicking on the item. Again the time bar starts filling up and click again to take the item to the plate on the table. In the meanwhile, the temperature of the tea starts rising and you have to consume some quantity to make that down.

Based on the timing of flipping, you will be awarded certain points. Click when the gauge reaches the line to get the perfect cooking and maximum points. Flipping the food item too early will result in loss of points. If you flip it when the time bar is almost full, it will be over burnt. When three cooking items turn to charcoal, it will be game over. Making the tea to overheat will also cause the game to end. So always keep an eye on the tea while you are busy in flipping items.

As time passes by, the number of gourmets falling on the grill increases and you find it extremely difficult to manage every items. Manage between the barbeques and the tea and keep on cooking as long as you can to earn maximum points. Good Luck!

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