Beefy Hamburger Designer

‘Beefy Hamburger Designer' is a game where the players have to mix and arrange various ingredients to prepare delicious and tasty burger which is big in size and contents. The purpose of the game is to give a basic idea to the people about burger-making and to design one of their own. Play the game repeatedly to become a master in burgers. Prepare them yourself at home and serve to the guests and friends to impress them. You don't have to be worried about the time or the points, so you can play it comfortably and with relaxed mind. The game has very interactive interface and smooth transitions that will make you addictive of the game. It uses flash technology and the game does not have any main menu. The game can be played instantly when it is loaded.

When starting the game, you will see all the ingredients for making a big hamburger at various positions on the screen. You can find lettuce leaves, hams of various varieties, beef patties, tomato slice, cucumber pieces, fried prawns, onion rings, bacon pieces, etc. that needs to be added. Click and drag each item to the bun to place them one over the other. You can arrange the items in whatever order you may wish and earn points. On placing each item, the chef will come and say his opinion.

You can see two buttons on the bottom-center of the screen namely, ‘Save Wallpaper' and ‘Save Burger Graphic'. When clicked on the first button, you can save your burger's picture with a background. You can select the pattern of your choice to be set as the background. If you don't want anything of such kind, click the second button to save the picture of the burger alone. Maximize the points by arranging in a perfect way and submit your score online to see whether your hamburger has outclassed that of others. The game is designed with beautiful graphics and plays a funny music in background that attracts people of various age groups especially small kids. Try for yourself and earn a name as hamburger-designer.

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