Barbie Burgers

Barbie is a beautiful girl who seeks help from you to make burgers for her boyfriend, Ken. Help her to impress her boyfriend with yummy and lovely burgers. The stunning animations and pretty music in the background makes the game an unforgettable experience altogether.

Each step of the cooking process displays a completion bar on top which is filled up with your progress in that particular step. The first step in making the burger is to cut the beef into small pieces. You will see a few dots over the beef. Move the cursor through these dots starting from a green dot on one end to slice the beef. Now these slices need to be ground using a manual grinder. Rotate the cursor in clockwise direction over the grinder to do so. Now roll the ground beef by moving the cursor around the screen and it will be flattened. Then you need to carve round shapes from the ground beef. You will see a gauge with a green highlighted area in the middle and a white marker is always running across from left to right. Click the mouse button when the marker is in the green area to extract round shapes of beef. Do this several times and now you need to cook the patties extracted. The patties will be placed in the oven and a timer starts running above each patty. Click the patty when the timer is full to flip it upside down and click it again to take it away from the grill when it is cooked well. The next step is to peel off tomatoes by clicking it continuously. These tomatoes need to be grounded well using a machine. Rotate the cursor over the tomato bowl to do so. The cooking process is half way down now.

You need to cook the ingredients now. You will see a stove with a burner and several symbols moving from bottom to top continuously. The next step to do is always displayed over the burner and you need to drag the correct symbol towards the stove to accomplish that task. The first action to perform is to light up the stove and drag the high flame symbol for that. Then drag pan to the burner and add oil, sliced paprika, garlic, ground tomatoes, required salt, pepper, cinnamon and lemon into the pan and mix all. Wait until it is fried up completely and drag finish. Ken tries to distract Barbie in cooking by attempting to kiss her from time to time. You need click on his lips to make him go away for a while.

Now you need to prepare the items to be added inside the burger. Peel off and slice onions, grate cheese and cut muffins. Then as the final step, add all the ingredients like cheese, meat patty, cooked ingredients, sliced onions, lettuce leave and close the burger with the bun. The burger is completely finished now.

Barbie will taste some burger and will comment on the burger and give you marks out of hundred. The marks will be awarded based on how well you have made the burger. So follow the instructions carefully and accomplish the tasks precisely to maximize your score.

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